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Killi-Data News (Fall)


Many interesting papers have been published over the last three months. The large volume of papers coupled with the start of the new college semester (and the workload it brings) delayed this issue of Killi-Data News. But better late than never—or so I hope! In this issue Richard van der Laan provides an insightful review of the recent Aphanius papers as to their taxonomic implications and questions. The systematic issues he raises show the importance of the Molecular project: we need to get more samples of the various cyprinodontiforme families to resolve unsettled systematic and taxonomic issues. In the Next issue Andrei Tatarenkov (and colleagues) will tell us about Kryptolebias distribution and evolution—now that the official research paper has been published. In the paper they have divided he mangrove killifish into three major clades by molecular phylogenetics. They have ana- lyzed several new populations. They have decided to allocate the names bonairensis, hermaphroditus and marmoratus to the clades. Also, Bettina Reichenbacher will also offer some in- sight into the new, monotypic, genus of killifish discovered in the high Andes of Chile, Pseudorestias lirimensis. We hope you will enjoy this issue and find something useful you can use in your fishroom or research.



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