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Killi-Data News (Spring)


This is the start of Killi-Data News’ second year. In this first issue of the year we have the usual review of research pub- lications as well as input from Martin Reichard on his lab’s Nothobranchius research. Martin is responding to my reviews of his lab’s work in the previous edition. I am serious about making sure the content in this newsletter is reliable but I erred in the previous edition and Martin has written extensively to correct my mistake in the section “Erratum”. This reply is welcomed and owed to readers. I must confess that I don’t know everything and my area of scientific expertise is mostly restricted to histology and protein chemistry. When I comment on subjects outside of my area of expertise I tread on unfamiliar ground and am not much more expert than someone randomly selected off the street. For this reason we still need to expand the pool of reviewers for Killi-Data News. I am happy to report that Andy Patel and Manuel Zapater Galve have volunteered to review papers for us. Andy brings with him expertise in animal behavior and Manuel in physiol- ogy and ecology. We still need reviewers to eco-toxicology. Andrei Tatarenkov is reviewing a paper on Kryptolebias. Andrei is the expert on these fish and right now there is a need for expert opinion on these fish. It was hoped that An- drei would tell us a bit about Kryptolebias phylogenetics and address the issue of the ranges of K. hermaphroditus (sensu Costa) and marmoratus. As it turns out Andrei et al have a

manuscript in production and have decided to hold off until after the paper’s publication to comment on this subject. There has been an appeal by Prof Ryan Earley for help with a large evolutionary ecology study he and collaborators are undertaking. His letter follows in the next section. There aren’t a lot of papers this quarter due to the cut-off for inclusion in the newsletter. We had decided to run from December first up until February first for the three months of the Spring quarter. As consequence this issue is a bit thin but already there has been a flurry of papers published from the second of February. The next issue will be much thicker.



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