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Killi-Data News (Winter)


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This is the fourth edition, and concluding issue of the first volume, of Killi-Data News and I am happy that it has been well received by readers. At 25 pages this issue is a bit thin- ner than the last but this is because we agreed to make the cut-off for submissions the 1 st of December so we could get this edition out by the New Year. This is an exciting edition full of new species descrip- tions and analyses that will keep taxonomists busy for years to come. Costa has given us two molecular phylogenies on Melanorivulus as well as an exciting paper on Kryptolebias. Two new Nothobranchius are described and both papers will no doubt pave the way for further descriptions. There are two new publications on Mexican killifish. One is very depressing reading and serves to highlight the plight of Mexican killi- fish. Perhaps there is a partner for conservation in Rescuing Profundulus oaxacae? This edition we are joined by Mark Peterson who has agreed to review ecology papers. Help is still needed with the following topics: • Phylogenetics and Genomics research papers • Ecotoxicology • Behavioral research If you would like to join the editorial team please email me: killiflash-newsletter@killi-data.org. As papers are published they will be made available to the reviewers; or if you come across a paper send me a review. You can use this issue as

a guide to the workload per paper. I know we professional researchers are constantly reading, and probably reading the interesting papers in this edition before they see it here. It doesn’t take long to lets us know what you learnt from the paper and why it would be important to others to read. The Molecular Platform project is growing steadily (http: //www.killi-data.org/list-names-molecular.php). We re- ceived several rare specimens of South American Annual from Didier Pillet as well a specimen of Pronothobranchius seymouri from Amer Faour—which has already been shared with two research labs. We have also been offered specimens from several big breeders: Lou Hersch (AKA), Willem-Jan Hoet- mer (KFN), Morgens Juhl (SKS), Jurij Phunkner (BKA) and Jeff Wasley (AKA). We are optimistic that the project will continue to grow and more researchers will make use of this facility. I hope you will enjoy this issue and continue your support of KDI. May you have a prosperous new year!