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Work pressure this quarter, combined with recent personal events, have prevented the usual scouring of the internet for news and other interesting information regarding killifish but we have many interesting research papers for you this quarter!

In fact, this is our largest issue to date (27 pages) and most of it is research papers. Felipe Alonso has written a very interesting summary of his research paper: Geographical distribution of Austrolebias monstrosus (Huber, 1995), A. elongatus (Steindachner, 1881) and A. vandenbergi (Huber, 1995) (Teleostei: Cyp- rinodontiformes), with comments on the biogeography and ecology of Rivulidae in Pampasic and Chaco floodplains. He has also provided a map and photos of the fish. It would be great to have submissions by other scientists to match the cal- iber and quality of Felipe’s summary here. Also contributing is Kelly Hogan, a recent Ph.D. graduate from the Clemson University. She is writing about her work on sailfin mollies, Poecilia latipinna. While not a killifish the behavior of mollies may be relevant to killi-keepers due to the close evolutionary relationship between the Cyprinodontiformes. Time constraints have forced the issue of expanding the editorial board. Help with the following topics are required:

Phylogenetics and Genomics research papers

Ecotoxicology & Ecology

Behavioral research

If you would like to join the editorial team please email me: killiflash-newsletter@killi-data.org. As papers are published they will be made available to the reviewers. You can use this issue as a guide to the workload per paper. The Molecular Platform project is growing steadily (http: //www.killi-data.org/list-names-molecular.php). Frans Ver

meulem has processed 55 samples thanks to generous donations from British Killifish Association and KilliFish Nederland members. We are still looking for a curator for samples obtained in Europe.

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