The purpose of this journal is to forge a bridge between scientists researching killifish biology (fish of the order Cyprinodontiformes) and killifish hobbyistis. The journal will serve as an opportunity to highlight killifish research to hobbyists and disseminate information to the general public as well as other scientists that would ordinarily not read literature far outside of the research field. In addition, it will serve as a means by which hobbyists can partake in science by sharing both anecdotal and more rigorous experimental data.

The journal will publish reviews of current killifish research. This reviews (or summaries) may pertain to a single recently published paper or larger reviews. The journal will also serve as a means to publish data and theories that would ordinarily not fit with the narrative of larger papers in other journals but are otherwise worth sharing for their novelty or potential to benefit hypothesis formulation by other researchers. The journal will also welcome the publication of collection reports (cataloging fish species) so long as these build upon previously published reports and make recommendations on where further research is needed.

The journal will also publish advertisements for research positions in laboratories conducting killifish research as well as grant advertisements.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 4 (2017) Winter

Opinion and Analysis