HIS150 Annotated Bibliographies

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Spring 2013


This project represents the collective efforts of students enrolled in Dr. Doug Anderson's Spring 2013 History 150: Introduction to Historical Inquiry course, Northwestern College, Orange City, IA.

Each class member selected a U.S. history topic of interest. Their research resulted in the creation of an annotated bibliography. Originally, each bibliography consisted of 3 parts: an introduction to the topic, the annotated bibliography itself, and a reflection on the research process. For public presentation, the third part has been dropped. The course instructor graded each project; only those with a grade of 87% (B+) or higher are included here. The instructor and the Library Director have also done some editing for spelling, grammar, clarity, form, etc.

We present these bibliographies to the public. We do not claim perfection for them, either in form or content. We do claim that these projects reflect undergraduate research that aspires to meet professional historical standards. If you find yourself here looking for help on one of the available topics, we hope that you find your visit worth your time.