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Zwemer View: A Decade of Blessings; In Box; Around the Green: A Home for Hospitality, Science and Sunday School, InteNtional ADvocates, Sisterhood; Campus LIfe: Conversation Starter; Living with Differences; Art of Display; A Servant Retires; Arnett Wins NSF Grant; Enrollment Among the Best; Strategic Success; P.A. Prep; Face Value: Dan Robinson; New Online B.A. for Early Childhood; Top of the Class; Good Hands; Mastering the MCAT; Raider Days; Lives Well Lived; Investing in the MIssion: Supporters give record $19.1 million in 2016-17; Building Progress; Red Zone: WOW-dstra, Recognized Raiders; 1000 Words: Faithful; More Than Just a Phage; New Year, Improved You; You've Got Mail; Looking Back: Back to the Homeland; Class Notes; Red Ties; New Arrivals; Marriages; In Memorium; A Special Legacy; Galaxies Near and Far; Robot Reboot; First-time Flippers; Classic Thoughts: Redeeming Learning and the Ships of Tarshish; Building Bridges

Publication Date

Winter 12-1-2017


Northwestern College


Orange City


Northwestern Classic, alumni magazine, public relations, Northwestern College

The Classic, Winter 2017-18