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Global Vision Week: Coffee, culture and choreography, Battle for the best brain; Actor to entertain and evangelize; Poet's live reading a 'communal' experience; To get to the Old Factory?: Practice, practice, practice; Symphonic band goes on 'epic' musical journey; Keep the October Rule, keep the community; Many reasons to be thankful the Rule is gone; Romanian Ruminations: Musings by Marit Langley; The good and the bad of the small and the big; Movie tickets, chapel credits and ID cards: Darla Hettinga is your go-to gal; Cause supporters and conversation starters: What does your bracelet say about you?; From Kool-Aid to Christ: Freshmen choose rap as their outreach; One man's odd, 'unnamed' disease: Compulsive walking; Follow-up to comedic hit feels more like a 'hangover'; Check Out: Time killers and space fillers; NaNoWriMo; AMC offers three of televisions's best dramas; Campus quotes; Women's cross country, Miles finished second in GPAC, Early tests for men's basketball; Men's cross country finishes tenth at GPAC; Women's basketball starts strong; Football picks up Senior Day win; Wrestlers open with Yellowjacket tourney; Volleyball kicks off GPAC with a win