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Beacon articles: Vehicle ignites, melts in Hell; Students to bike ‘Siouxperman’ style; Across Campus: Poetry Reading; Lamrof; Study Break; What’s the world like after the war?; Old guys still fighting for the right to party; Campus quotes; Time for a new defintion; Capsized: old genre, but boy is it pretty; Students unite love of unique sports with zeal to serve others; REGRETS; Purity, promise and that dang ring by spring; Drawn by Christian atmosphere, Pauls joins Northwestern faculty; Hospitality at its finest; Perkins grew up with 100 foster children; Should Christians celebrate because of bin Laden’s death?; Golf teams finish year with strong efforts; Postseason play begins for track, tennis; Baseball, softball drop both playoff games; Jazz band concert features Grammy Award-winner; Bacon articles [spoof]: Caf grows healthy; Student stumbles upon online news; Terrorist Support Group approved; Unwed senior buys cats, knitting needles, and prepares for lifetime of loneliness; Students’ excuses are now invalid; Next year SAC will, blah, blah blah.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz; Want turkey and lasagna? Rent a tux, buy a dress; SSP holdout’s life remains unchanged; NW student admits ‘I’m never leaving’; WWJD: The app: With bracelets gone, tech teaches new gen. how to live correctly; Northwestern College raises the bar