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Kathy bakes cookies, serves love; Across Campus: Hoopla!; "Unsupposed"; Remedy Drive; Gsg event fuels conversation, emotions; The age of tablets has begun: iPads, Honeycombs, and Xooms; Could a "supermoon" cause a tsunami? One astrologer's hypothesis says yes; Is Bell's 'love' a winner in the end?; Say "no" to khakis; Campus quotes; New album comes 'to the stars, through difficulty'; Familiar "Half-Life 2" engine powers a mysterious story of a littered past; Students give their creative culinary tips; Do you 'No poo?'; Northwestern faculty remember former president Lars Granberg; After years of student activities, Couch will move to Colorado; Can't get enough of the caf; Ramaker to join campus' renovations for 2011-2012 year; Make your plates personalized to PRFXN; How do you define racism?; We asked 100 NWC students the question: Did you give up anything for Lent?; Baseball picks up first GPAC win; Northwestern high jumper not afraid to try something new; Opening Day arrives; March Madness gives way to spring fever; Tennis wins third straight; Softball coach to resign; Leadership Conference promotes faith, justice; Lip-syncing, '90s hipster: Hoopla to bring it all