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Spring break is on its way: Students prepare for service, singing, sports and more; Dance team finishes season with showcase; Relating pop culture to Christianity; Band to take audience on musical journey; Biometric passports: convenience or danger?; Campus encouraged to ‘Spring clean’ early; The Right to Reason: Getting Married Before Graduation; ‘Plenty of time to hang out naked with your spouse later’; ‘Marriage does not mean the end of community’; Talk Around Campus; A bit different; Privacy terminated one click at a time; Dorm Beat: Competition Hospers-style; Dirty jobs: The sweet smell of bringing home the bacon; Pondering from Across the Pond: From the Precocious Mind of Emily Muilenburg; Take a step Into the Mud; Yeasayer bleeds unoriginal sound; Fiction: Northwestern mystery continues; OC Arts Council is slammin’; Over the river and into the woods; Campus quotes; Red Raider Sports Shorts: by Heidi Hildebrandt; Men’s basketball begins playoff run with a win; Track claims ten all-conference entries; Raider Wrestlers finish regular season; Women’s basketball moves up to third in NAIA rankings; Player Profile: Luke Vermeer