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Franklin Benjamin Sanborn (1831-1917), ardent abolitionist, was a part of the “Secret Six” who funded the militant abolitionist, John Brown. Sanborn was a staunch supporter of Brown, and assisted in supporting his widow and children throughout their lives. In this letter, John Brown Jr. (1821-1895), eldest son of John Brown, makes corrections to Sanborn’s draft of his book, The Life and Letters of John Brown. His wife, Wealthy, helped him recollect details about the death and burial of his nephew. He also seeks Sanborn’s advice about a gold medal from the French government given to his mother.

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John Brown, John Brown Jr, Franklin Benjamin Sanborn, Wealthy Brown, Kansas, Jason Brown, Kansas Historical Society, French medal, F.G. Adams

Letter from John Brown Jr. to Franklin Benjamin Sanborn, April 18, 1885



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